Deceased 'Targeted Individuals'

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Deceased 'Targeted Individuals'

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TI Deaths
October 14, 2012 at 8:36 PM

Deceased 'Targeted Individuals'

"Do not stare at my grave and weep. I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die." ~ Mama Chia~

Unlike the grisly sight of the piles of dead bodies found in the camps in 1945, today's targeted individuals (TIs) have a very different problem in giving a picture of what we are being subjected to. This new style holocaust kills the victims so that it is nearly imperceptible to the average observer. This page is dedicated to showing that people are indeed being tortured and killed off. There are many more people who have died. Many did not discover that they were purposely being targeted to be destroyed.

NOTE: I would appreciate if other #TargetedIndividuals would copy and archive this list from time to time. As you know all our online communications is intercepted and tampered with, so it'll help to have more than one record of this list, as well as the posts in the comments section. I believe this document has already been hacked as, I see clearly that there are names missing from this section that only I should have editing ability of. i.e. Kelly Caslar's name is missing from 2015. I am going to re-add it.

Dates Unknown

- Claire Wehrle

-Joe (Friend of Chris who has created the attached video. However I am wondering, now why I included this because it's not clear whether Joe is deceased. His 'life' was taken from him, though, in a way that many living TIs know well.)

-Peter Storm

-Mike Ruppert

-Bob Bowman


Karen Silkwood Nov. 13 ... =1&theater


Kurt Aebi, Born 1920, Schaffhausen-Switzerland. Died Bern-Switzerland, induced double-heart attack.

John Lennon, Dec. 8th, NYC.


Dr. Karla Turner, cancer, Jan. 10. She had been threatened for her work. 48 years old ... =3&theater


Carole Sterling, Nov. 6. Suicide. Washington, DC.


Theresa Duncan, July. Suicide. NY, NY

Jeremy Blake. July. Suicide. NY, NY.


Ananda Zaren, auto accident, Santa Barbara, CA ... sh-victim/

Also see: ... 1946-2008/


Note: This is a list of 33 TIS who have died, as it appeared in a blog 'A Word To a Wise TI' in Nov. 2009 ... is-in.html

Darrim Daoud, Nov. 15. UK

Charles Schlund, AZ


Pam Anderson, San Bernardino, California, suicide. Sept. 8

Ted Gunderson July 31 ... i-official , Las Vegas, NV


Gail Hall, Hawaii, suicide. July 12

Bruno Marchesani, So CA, complications due to stroke. July 19

Andy Radford (possible TI) pancreatic cancer

Sean Stinn, Chicago. heart attack. Oct. [This photo was taken of Sean, center, just 4-5 months before his sudden death. set=a.156797547736798.40187.100002196627746&type=1&theater, as was the interview with Witt in May 2012]

Dr. Fred Bell, Oct. 2 ; ... le-cities/

Alva Andersson, AZ. suicide

Bob Henley, suicide. July. ... arget_id=0

Manfred Eidinger Aug., Australia[From Bernd Werner Rojahn - His Uncle, Manfred, he believed, was a TI. Mr. Eidinger was admitted to Baillie Henderson Hospital, Toowoomba, Australia. Diagnosed with schizophrenia.]

Cynthia Goldman , ... cation=ufi


Rosemary Cancellieri , Dobbs Ferry, NY. Unknown causes. 64 years old. Aug. 18. ... =166523568

Christina Angell, Boston, MA. suicide. Sept. 27

Chuck Langenberg Nov. 8 ... te-gestapo


Dr. Deborah Gilmaker, Sept. 8, http://individual-doctor.beforeitsnews. ... 31626.html


Rauni Kilde MD, Feb. 8. 'was radiated by remote frequency, directed energy weapons (DEW) for four days shortly before her suspicious death.' ... ast-month/

Daniel Burdick October 2015. Poisoning and possibly directed energy attack. ... 0516225221

Benjamin Alan Murphy Dec. 6th. Italy. Heart attack. ... nref=story

Krista Hower Dec. 21, Sedona, AZ. 28 yrs. old. Hiking accident. ... -landmark/

Kelly Caslar

Vera Gowlland-Debbas – Cancer. Vera was Palestine’s lawyer advisor. ... nd-debbas/


John Lang Jan. 20th, Fresno CA. Stabbing.

Ron Gillman Jan. 29th, Seattle, WA. Heart failure. ... =3&theater

Jessica Thompson Davis Feb, 2. Olympia, WA. Suicide. ... 0420173850

Corey Dubin Aug. 14th. Chicago, IL. Suicide.

Gloria Naylor. Sept. 28th. US Virgin Islands. Heart Attack.

-- Thanks to diana-marigold for posting --

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